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6 Pcs Ear Piercing Gun Kit Disposable Nose Piercer Self Ear Pierce Kit with Pierced Earrings Portable Piercing Kit Household Piercing Tools with Studs for Men Women (Rhinestone Style, Dark Blue)

The packaging includes: you will get 6 pieces of ear piercing kits with 6 pieces of silver bean earrings (pre-installed in the earplug tool), which are enough to meet your daily requirements

Safe ear piercing: this self ear piercing tool is disposable, and is separately sealed in packaging to keep your piercing ears clean and sanitary; Please do not reuse it for ear piercing

Portable and useful: ear piercing tools are made of plastic, and designed in a small size, which are not only light weight, easy to store or carry, but also stable, not easy to break so that you can keep them for a long time

Multiple purposes: disposable automatic piercing tools can not only be applied for ear piercing, but also help you pierce your nose, lips and other body parts, which are safe and convenient to operate

Instruction: first clean your hands and wipe your ears, then mark the point on the earlobe you need to pierce with a pen, arrange the mark in a straight line with an ear piercing tool, and then press it fast and firmly; The piercing process only takes a few minutes

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